Greater sales means...
Your products need to be different to be noticed - to be purchased. Eliminate wind noise and you will be noticed. Smartphones can seem similar and confusing to many consumers. A great outdoor video without the usual disrupting wind noise will set a new standard of excellence and consumer expectation.


That smartphone gets noticed resulting in greater sales. Other products can benefit: digital camera, handsfree accessories, sports wearable tech, hearing aids, emergency services including fire, police, military, military, search and rescue and many more.



Audiogravity's patented technology can be integrated in most audio recording products across many markets. Applications are endless, including:
Mobile Phones
Video Cameras

Flexible Solutions

With mechanical, electronic and software solutions our product portfolio is so flexible that it allows mixing any of them to further improve performance:


To get the most out of your investment, various licensing options are avilable. We work with you to accomodate your financial timing and panning:

Professional Support

Ease of integration has been designed into our solutions. We also provide full technical support throughout the various development phases:
Design Support
Integration Support
Transfer to Manufacture