Licenses vary, however the following can give you an idea of what to expect. The technology license includes a one-off payment for non-recurring engineering (NRE) to enable our experts to teach


your experts. A royalty fee is then applied for units of your products that are manufactured that use our technology.


IP Protection

Your product is fully protected because of AudioGravity’s extensive patent portfolio. This assures you that your product's performance maintains its unique competitive edge.


An industry standard model provides small payments per unit manufactured. Scalable volumes may apply in large quantities.


The technology license includes AudioGravity’s expertise which is available to help get wind noise rejection into your products manufacturing cycle efficiently. Also, your path to future-proofing improvements to the technology is built in so you maintain your competitive lead.

What’s Next?

Example Deal Flow:

1. Contact (link here) us explaining your interest and which of your products may be relevant (i.e. smartphone, earphone, etc).

2. We both sign an NDA.

3. We send a team to show you a live demonstration and field your technical and commercial questions and concerns. You would provide an estimate of unit sales projections to help us determine your royalty fee structure..


4. You study the business case internally and ask additional questions of AudioGravity.

5. After you make the decision to move forward, we draw up the Technology License Agreement.

6. Your marketing and legal divisions review, amend and sign.

7. We provide our specialists to get the technology into your product(s).

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